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Experienced, professional driving tuition in Exeter

Here are just a few comments from previous learners with Alan Beckett Driving Tuition.




23rd Nov 2017


Brilliant instructor I passed first time with Alan, and he was a very friendly and supportive person and I wouldn't have passed with such ease without him!



17th Nov 2017


Brilliant experience Alan is an incredible instructor. He is patient, kind, encouraging, great company. He is really knowledgable and his positivity is infectious! He makes you feel at ease from day one. He's always fair, always calm and always reliable. he made me enjoy driving and grow in confidence. He really is the best and I should know as I'd had 2 previous instructors. I went into my driving test feeling ready, calm and with the confidence and knowledge that I could pass. I passed and I'm over the moon! I can't thank Alan enough. He's definitely one of life's brilliant people. An incredible teacher. Thanks Alan! Jennifer davey



15th Nov 2017


Brilliant driving instructor. When I was with a different driving instructor, I failed my test and had lost my confidence in my driving. Alan provides structured lesson plans with debriefs and recaps of the drive in every lesson. This is very helpful for identifying your strengths and weaknesses, and means that you can improve each lesson. Alan is also very patient and gives a lot of preparation in both theory questions and manoeuvres leading up to the test day. I passed my driving test with Alan on the first try, and I was able to regain my confidence. I would highly recommend Alan to everyone.



27th May 2017


5 star instructor A friend recommended Alan to me after a couple of unsuccessful lessons with a previous driving instructor. Alan soon put me at ease with his friendly supportive manner, patience and constructive feedback. He restored my confidence and I passed my test first time! Would recommend 100%, thank you Alan! :)



04th May 2017


5 star I had had two instructors before coming to Alan and he really did rebuild my confidence. When I first started driving with him I told him my other instructors had called me useless and I couldn't drive, after learning with Alan I passed first time with only two minors and so couldn't have been happier. Such a kind man with amazing personality who makes you feel at ease, especially if lacking confidence like myself I definitely recommend his driving school



28th Mar 2017


Couldn't ask for more I passed my driving test last week. Alan was a fantastic driving instructor to me. He is patient, calm and easy to talk to. He's extremely experienced and provides detailed feedback on yourdriving in every lesson. He's very reliable and methodical and comes prepared to every lesson with notes that he has written about your progress and also study notes to take away to help you learn. He's very encouraging and helps to build up your confidence. Learning to drive did not come naturally to me at all and Alan made the process as painless as it possibly could have been. He's a genuinely nice person and I'll miss him! view less




09th Mar 2017


reliable and friendly instructer I started with Alan after I had failed one test and hadn't driven in a year and had completely lost my confidence.

In just a couple lesson Alan had my back driving confidently and with ease.

Alan is really friendly and easy to talk to. He is always reliable and incredibly flexible around work etc.

He made driving enjoyable again and I owe him a huge thank you. view less




30th Nov 2016


Encouraging, Gentle Approach- PASSED First time!! I started driving with Alan in February 2015. I can't lie - I wasn't an absolute beginner, I had taken one test before with another instructor (and failed, when I was 18). I had however notdriven at this point in over two years and had lost all confidence in driving.

It's now been five months since I passed my test and I can't believe how well, and confidently I drive now. I suffered severe panic attacks with my first instructor, was getting nowhere and becoming frustrated and almost gave up for good. Alan was gently encouraging and had a very structured approach to our lessons and made lots of notes on my progress, allowing him to plan future lessons in advanced and be prepared on the day.

I honestly can't thank Alan enough - I owe my success in driving safely and confidently to him and I'm so grateful for that. view less



22nd Nov 2016


top notch Alan Beckett is friendly, flexible and thorough. His methods are spot on and help even the most nervous driver pass the infamous test. Patient and understanding, his experience shows with helpful tips and tricks that can set anyone on the path for success. I would recommend him to anyone.



07 Oct 2016


Highly Recommend

"I managed to pass my driving test first time after being taught by Alan very well. He is very encouraging and is always calm, making your first drives very comfertable which reslly does boost your driving confidence. You will not be disappointed if you go with Alan as your instructor as he is incredibly friendly, chatty and encouraging."



08 Jul 2016



"I've just recently passed my test with the help from Alan. His calm and helpful teaching put me at ease and every skill that I needed to pass was put across to me. Not only leading up to my test but I now feel a confident ns safe driver on my own. I would very much recommend Alan as a teacher."



30 Apr 2016


Amazing Driving Instructor!!

"Have recently just passed my test and this couldn't have been done without the guidance and teaching from Alan Beckett! Alan is so easy to get along with and makes you feel so at ease when learning to drive! He's so patient and doesn't book you into your test until he feels your 100% ready which is the best way!! Overall an amazing instructor and would recommend to anyone learning to drive!!!"



23 Feb 2016


Very Very Good Instructor

"Just passes my test today and I would highly recommend Alan. He is very calm, very friendly and he will teach you everything you need to know about driving. Excellent Instructor."



08 Feb 2016


amazing instructor

"I came to alan after having a bad experience with my past instructor, I did not have a lot of confidence but Alan was able to work with that and helped me gain my confidence behind the wheel. He taught me so much was able to have a proper conversation with him he is 100 decent!! Ive gone and passed my test today and i could not be any happier thanks to alan being just amazing! I would recommend Alan to anyone! so if your looking for a great instructor who can work with you properly then go to him! Thankyou Alan for being so patient and teaching me how to drive safely and properly on the roads. Ill make sure I beep or flash my lights when i see you!!"



22 Jan 2016


very good

"I passed my test today thanks to the excellent tuition from alan beckett very helpful and very friendly he was very patient with me and gave me lots of confidence overall excellent many thanks"



15 Jan 2016


Excellent driving instructor

"When I started driving with Alan I was a nervous driver due to failing my test with another instructor. Alan was patient and explained everything very clearly - he made sure he knew my areas of weakness and took time to address them. Thanks to Alan's calm and effective teaching I have recently passed my test. He understands the test really well and so I felt confident going into the examination. I would definitely recommend him."



21 Dec 2015


Great Instructor

"I had a great experience with Alan and he taught me everything I needed to know right from the start. He was very patient and made me feel at ease with his calming approach. Many thanks, Jordan Wellington."



20 Dec 2015


Brilliant driving instructor

"Recently passed my driving test, would highly recommend Alan as an instructor. Really patient, calm and professional throughout my lessons with him. Could not be happier with my choice."



06 Sep 2015



"Lovely driving instructor who is really patient and thorough."


"After returning to driving lessons having not driven a car for over 4 years, Alan was really great. He was really calm, and encouraging, and lets you take your lessons at a suitable pace, to build your confidence and skills."


"With my previous instructor I used to dread lessons, but this time around they were actually enjoyable! You receive really good feedback at the start and end of each lesson to help you identify areas for improvement in a constructive way."

Emily Stevens


"Learning to drive with Alan Beckett, I had a very positive experience: he is extremely professional, truly committed to his craft, and highly experienced. I had a number of previous instructors but it was with Alan that I was finally able to pass. He is also punctual, patient, and encouraging - I couldn't recommend a better driving instructor!"

Sabina Metcalf


"I passed my driving test about 30 years ago and haven’t driven since. I then decided to take lessons with Alan and have done exceptionally well with his very clear and helpful tuition."


"He put me at ease straight away and I am very pleased with his method of teaching. I am really starting to feel confident with my driving now thanks to Alan."

Christine Haydon


"Learning to drive with Alan was a great experience, and having tried other instructors I found that Alan was the most calm, and easiest to talk to - making the lessons a lot more enjoyable. His method of teaching worked really well for me, and has made me a competent driver. He is always punctual, as well as patient and motivating. He goes at a pace you are comfortable with - but also encourages you to move forward when he thinks necessary. I highly recommend Alan as an instructor!"

Emmeline Footitt - Exeter


"Whilst learning with Alan I felt I was always progressing forwards and never falling backwards. At the start of each lesson Alan makes clear points outlining the good and the area's that need improving.


He is relaxed at all times and very patient, even when you have those moments of panic as a learner, he is always there to reassure you. Alan offers words of encouragements when it is that scary time for booking your practical test, letting you book it whenever you feel comfortable.


I haven't regretted learning with Alan in the slightest. I can't recommend him enough. I've even got my brother to learn with him who will be starting soon."

Steve Bending - Exeter


"I would highly recommend Alan Beckett, I wasn’t the most confident driver to start off with but Alan always put me at ease and took his time explaining things. Alan is very generous with his time, extremely professional and his years of experience reflect that. Thank you Alan for helping me pass first time!"

Jess Dillon - Exeter


"I really recommend Alan to any new driver. He made me feel confident and comfortable behind the wheel. He is a very professional and friendly instructor and helped me overcome my nerves of driving. Can’t thank him enough for helping me pass my driving test first time!"

Sophie Hooper Exminster




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